MRKT offers a variety of modules to accomplish the task at hand; and with our cafeteria pricing model you’re only paying for the modules you need. Whether you’re selling ice cream or running a gym, MRKT’s modules give you the flexibility you need to get the job done, without paying an arm and a leg.

Looking for a custom module to achieve your business goals? Not a problem, custom modules are available as well. Contact us today and let’s build something unique for you.

Standard Modules


At the core of MRKT is the Shop module. Functioning like an internal eCommerce store for your business, the Shop module is incredibly simply and completely self-sufficient. All inventory, payments, and fulfillment are managed by the MRKT team. This creates a simple location for all franchisees/managers to instantly order the collateral they need. Have a proprietary product that is sourced through an exclusive vendor? Not a problem, we can work with your vendors to ensure orders are passed directly to them for fulfillment.

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Document Hub

“Where is the most up to date employee handbook?” “Do you remember what folder the closing procedures are in?” These questions sound familiar? Then it sounds like you need a Document Hub. MRKT’s Document Hub ensures that franchisees/managers always have a central repository for the latest documents and materials. Files can easily be downloaded, or simply viewed online and closed out after use. Additionally, MRKT allows for controlled access to files. Only want certain people to have access to a set of documents? That’s easy.

Can you create an internal shared server handle this? Of course you can, but hiring an IT company to set it up, educate your entire staff on how to connect to a remote server, and not accidentally delete files doesn’t sound like a fun job to us. MRKT’s interface is simple and secure, there is zero training required.

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Customized Materials

Generic marketing materials are great, but location specific materials are even better. MRKT’s Customized Materials module gives franchisees/managers a simple place to request approved custom materials for their location. Once requested, our team will return a print ready PDF of the flyer directly to the franchisee for print and distribution within 24 hours. Don’t worry, customized fields are set by the corporate offices for maximum brand consistency and control.

Common uses for the Customized Materials module include, Grand Opening Flyers, Coupons, Direct Marketing Materials, and Social Media Content. If it needs a location name, address, or phone number then the Customized Materials module is your ticket to success. Trust us, your designers will thank you.

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News & Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Yelp, MySpace?. Social Media has taken over our world and with a new social network popping up each day it’s impossible to keep track of everything. Add in the task of monitoring franchisees to ensure their social media content aligns with the brand and you have yourself a full-time job. MRKT’s News & Social Media module provides franchisees with a central place to keep track of corporate social media content that they can easily share to their locations page with the click of a button. Want someone to completely manage your social media channels? We also offer social media management services!

The News & Social Media module also comes with an internal blog to easily distribute news to franchisees/managers from one central spot. All posts and articles are stored within MRKT’s archive for team members to access on-demand at a later date.

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You’re a growing franchise and just received signed contracts for a handful of new franchisees who are eager to open. The contract comes in, everything looks great… but now what? A vast majority of franchises are purchased, by never opened. How do you closely manage these newly signed franchisees to ensure they are getting their location open on schedule? You do it with MRKT’s Launch Module.

The Launch Module is designed for franchisors that need a simple yet highly effective tool to keep track of where their franchisees are at in the on-boarding process. Tasks and phases serve as the foundation of the module, with a centralized dashboard that gives instant visibility into the progress of the new location. Tasks can be assigned to specific individuals and franchisees can upload documents for review/approval from one simple page. Houston, we have lift off.

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Printed training manuals are old, boring, and typically outdated the second they are printed. Training your new team members with MRKT is easier for everyone. Employees are provided with a unique login to their training portal where they can take lessons and complete relevant quizzes to validate their learning. Quizzes are then sent to their associated manager via email for immediate review.

Have video training content? Even better! Studies show that video training is significantly more effective than pages of text. MRKT supports all of your video content and easily connects your video lessons with quizzes to ensure employees are actually learning the material presented.

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Digital Checklists

An effectively managed store is powered by checklists. Did you refill the napkin holders? What about emptying the towel bins? Paper checklists are good, but they aren’t great. MRKT’s Digital Checklists module is great. It serves as a checks and balances system for every location. Checklists can be configured for each location’s unique needs, and while we don’t want to give away all our secrets, this module is incredible and used by MRKT customers in some really innovative ways. Schedule a free demo today and let us show you how you can actually get your team to use checklists with MRKT.


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