What's MRKT?

Taking your business from one location to multiple locations is no easy task. How do you support your franchisees and managers, while also ensuring they are following brand guidelines and procedures? That's where we come in.

Our flagship product is known as a MRKT {pronounced "market"}. With MRKT, franchisees and managers order directly from a cloud-based business hub that is tailored to your business. Your MRKT streamlines order processing and fulfillment and improves the consistency of branded materials and merchandise. More than just an online store, MRKT's modules allow it to serve as a central repository for documents, franchisee on-boarding, and more.

Within your MRKT, managers can:

  • + Order Approved Signage & Promotional Banners

  • +  Order Employee Uniforms & Brand Merchandise

  • +  Get Instant Access to a Centralized Document Hub

  • +  Download Customized Flyers & Collateral For Each Location

  • +  Keep Track of New Franchisee Launch Progress
  • +  Utilize SEO, Paid Search, and Other Marketing Services
  • +  Stay Up To Date on Corporate Social Media Content

  • +  Receive Updates for Company News & Announcements

With MRKT, all content and signage is 100% approved prior to being available to franchisees and managers. This level of consistency protects your brand and keeps all locations looking their best! Let us focus on the busy work, while you focus on opening more locations!


Simple& Functional

We feel that if a tool is too complicated to use, it's worthless. MRKT is built with simplicity in mind. From desktops to tablets, your MRKT turns whatever device you're on into a powerful on-the-go management solution. No high-tech terminology or fancy stuff here; it just works.

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